Friday, April 12, 2013

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Full list of Lost clients on USA SEO Pros continue to dominate natural search for targeted keywords and experience the kind of success that only strategic online marketing through USA SEO PROS can achieve.
No calls please, overloaded with business.
Your Call May Be Recorded Or Monitored For Quality Assurance. Times have changed - have you changed with them? If you have not concentrated on increasing your market share on the Internet, you are losing out on business, and your market share will shrink over time as savvy competitors attract more of your customers to their business!
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USA SEO PROS Scam Warning: Online Marketers Beware

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Recently, I’ve been hearing rumors about a company named USA SEO PROS, they are also know as BDI or Business Development Institute who claim to be a company that can take your website and put in on the first 2 pages of google.

 Well, recently I have been getting calls from this company. I have not picked up the phone nor call them back, but they leave me a message that goes like this: “Hi, I was just looking at your website, it is nice, give me a call at #”. So I did a little research and I found a ton of bad press about USA SEO PROS scams. DO NOT BE PART OF THIS SCAM.  USA SEO PROS goes to google, and finds anyone who is using google adwords, collects their contact information, and calls them. Some of their representatives have claimed that they got the lead directly from your MLM or direct sales company or state that they are an authorized vendor. Please be warned- your company DOES NOT endorse this company at all. Your information is kept highly confidential and your network marketing company will never sell, redistributed, etc. Alliances/vendors will NEVER call you on of your companies behalf unless you directly requested their information.  You have been warned! Stay away from this USA SEO PROS scam. Please retweet this post to warn and help out the members our community. Have an awesome day!


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