Sunday, June 5, 2016

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Miss USA Alabama 2016
Peyton Brown

Miss USA Alaska 2016
Ariane Audett

Miss USA Arizona 2016
Chelsea Myers

Miss USA Arkansas 2016
Abby Floyd

Miss USA California 2016
Nadia Mejia

Miss USA Colorado 2016
Caley-Rae Pavillard

Miss USA Connecticut 2016
Tiffany Teixeira

Miss USA Delaware 2016
Alexandra Vorontsova

Miss USA District Of Columbia 2016
Deshauna Barber

Miss USA Florida 2016
Brie Gabrielle

Miss USA Georgia 2016
 Emanii Davis

Miss USA Hawaii 2016
Chelsea Hardin

Miss USA Idaho 2016
Sydney Halper

Miss USA Illinois 2016
Zena Malak

Miss USA Indiana 2016
Morgan Abel

Miss USA Iowa 2016
Alissa Morrison

Miss USA Kansas 2016
Victoria Wiggins

Miss USA Kentucky 2016
Kyle Hornback

Miss USA Louisiana 2016
Maaliyah Papillion

Miss USA Maine 2016
Marisa Butler

Miss USA Maryland 2016
Christina Denny

Miss USA Massachusetts 2016
Whitney Sharpe

Miss USA Michigan 2016
Susie Leica

Miss USA Minnesota 2016
Bridget Jacobs

Miss USA Mississippi 2016
Haley Sowers

Miss USA Missouri 2016
Sydnee Stottlemyre

Miss USA Montana 2016
Sibahn Doxey

Miss USA Nebraska 2016
Sarah Hollins

Miss USA Nevada 2016
Emelina Adams

Miss USA New Hampshire 2016
Jessica Strohm

Miss USA New Jersey 2016
Jessielyn Palumbo

Miss USA New Mexico 2016
Naomie Germain

Miss USA New York 2016
Serena Bucaj

Miss USA North Carolina 2016
Devin Gant

Miss USA North Dakota 2016
Halley Maas

Miss USA Ohio 2016
Megan Wise

Miss USA Oklahoma 2016
Taylor Gorton

Miss USA Oregon 2016
Natriana Shorter

Miss USA Pennsylvania 2016
Elena LaQuatra

Miss USA Rhode Island 2016
Theresa Agonia

Miss USA South Carolina 2016
Leah Lawson

Miss USA South Dakota 2016
Madison McKeown

Miss USA Tennessee 2016
Hope Stephens

Miss USA Texas 2016
Daniella Rodriguez

Miss USA Utah 2016
Teale Murdock

Miss USA Vermont 2016
Neely Fortune

Miss USA Virginia 2016
Desi Williams

Miss USA Washington 2016
Kelsey Schmidt

Miss USA West Virginia 2016
Nichole Green
Miss USA Wisconsin 2016
Kate Redeker

Miss USA Wyoming 2016
Autumn Olson

Miss USA Oklahoma 2015
Alexandra Miller

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