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If you're fortunate enough to give away substantial amounts of money
or property during your lifetime, your generosity may be subject to
federal gift tax rules.

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death, your money and property, known as your estate, may also be
subject to federal estate tax. However, you can give money away during
your lifetime or leave certain amounts to your heirs that are exempt
from taxation.

After years of congressional battles, the estate
tax was made a permanent part of the Internal Revenue Code, thanks to
the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, or ATRA, which was passed Jan.
1, 2013.

ATRA increased the amount of an estate that is not
subject to taxation, known as the exemption, to $5 million. The
exemption amount is indexed each year for inflation. For the 2015 tax
year, the estate tax exemption is $5.43 million. It increases to $5.45
million for 2016.

ATRA also increased the tax rate on estates in excess of the exemption amount from 35% to 40%.

estate tax law, however, does offer permanent portability between
spouses. This allows the surviving spouse the opportunity to take
advantage of any unused estate and gift tax exemption left by the first
spouse. The portability option must be selected when the estate tax
return of the first spouse is filed, even if no federal estate tax is

Annual gift tax exclusion

You can give the following
monetary amounts to each person and to as many individuals as you want,
without triggering the gift tax. The amount is indexed from time to
time for inflation.

Annual gift tax exclusion

Year madeExcluded from tax
In addition to the annual exclusion amounts, you also can give the following without triggering the gift tax:

  • Charitable gifts.
  • Gifts to a spouse.
  • Gifts to a political organization for its use.
  • Gifts
    of educational expenses are unlimited as long as you make a direct
    payment to the educational institution for tuition only. Books, supplies
    and living expenses do not qualify.
  • Gifts of medical expenses are also unlimited, as long as they are paid directly to the medical facility.

Unified credit

estate planning, you also must consider the unified credit. It gets its
name because the federal gift tax and estate tax are integrated into
one unified tax system.

This is the credit for the portion of
estate tax due on taxable estates. For example, if you exceed the annual
gift tax exclusion amount in any year, you can either pay the tax on
the excess or take advantage of the unified credit to avoid paying the
tax. The unified credit enables you to give away $5 million (plus the
annual inflation adjustments) during your lifetime without having to pay
gift tax.

By using the unified credit during your life, you'll
reduce the amount available to offset the estate tax upon your death.
If, however, you pay the gift tax, such taxed gifts are added back to
your estate, and the estate tax is recalculated, with the gift taxes you
previously paid credited against any final estate tax due.

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